“Worse than slavery”

I have always wondered about the migrant worker’s program, in which Jamaicans (mostly male) head to Canada to harvest fruit and vegetables. Last year when we were attempting to secure a visa for a family member to travel to Canada, I saw dozens of young men waiting at the Canadian consulate office.

They earn a seasonal worker’s visa and return home when the season is finished. They do not have health care, from what I understand, nor are protected by labour laws (I’m not sure of this).  A friend of mine years ago received the green light to go to Canada for this program. Early one morning, he headed to the airport, only to wait the entire day while others got on the plane for Canada. For some reason, he was never allowed to board. So I have always wondered how these men are treated as they are in a sort of human rights limbo- not protected by their home country, nor by their employer.

In any case, here is a story of the worst case scenario that answers some questions, and it is not good.

Check out the CBC story here.

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