Dress Code: Little Black Dress


I saw someone post this on social media the other day, accompanied by some disapproving comments. Which I agree with. How does going out and dancing and drinking show support for such a monumental movement, one that will likely change the course of the U.S., for the better? Do these people not think of the actual lives lost? The men bleeding to death from gunshot wounds at the hands of authorities, those trusted to protect their lives?

I would like to talk to the organizers and see what was going through their heads. Did they have a moment of silence? Hand out any educational material? Leave any room for discussion? I doubt it…Did they also think of the lives lost in Jamaica that matter just as much? It seems they thought more about the dress code- All black, of course…I hope everyone enjoyed themselves…


5 thoughts on “Dress Code: Little Black Dress

    • I thought about that- if they were raising funds for the cause I think that would be different. But it seems like they are exploiting the cause to profit for themselves. That’s a different story.

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