In the last election, then-candidate Andrew Holness promised an income tax break. Well, it has now come to fruition for at least one young man. His hilarious response has gone viral. Check it out and here’s the link to the story:

Dear The Most Hon. Andrew Holness,

This is a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the tax break. In all honesty Mr. PM, this is not a tax break, this is a tax smash – a tax mash up. Mr. PM when I saw my pay cheque yesterday, I hummed a sweet song to the heavens. I feel like a new creation; a brand new man. I borrow from Tanto Blacks in proclaiming that I’m rich, real rich!

Mr. PM, up until Monday of this week, I’d spend conservatively but now that I’m a wealthy man, money is the least of my concerns.

This morning on my way to work I saw a $100 bill floating about on the ground. Mr. PM, you believe seh mi step pass di money like any piece a garbage? If this was last week I’d take a mad man to court just to prove that the money was mine.

With this wealth Mr. PM, I will no longer commute to work via route taxis. Weh frowsy car and sardine behavior a guh? Strictly Gadge Pro until I buy the Range Rover this weekend.

With this wealth I will not have plantain and bread and bush tea for breakfast ever again. Nope. Mr. PM, right now I’m on my way to Cafe Blue for some eggs & bacon with pancake and a cup of Cappuccino.

Mi nah lie Mr. PM, mi feel like mi need fi open a small loan company – me alone cannot enjoy di prosperity. Or maybe I should reach out to Butch Stewart and let him know I’m interested in buying some shares in Sandals? I don’t know.

Mr. PM there are so many plans I have for this wealth but I can’t write it all here. What’s your schedule like this weekend? Now that I’m in the big leagues I think we should catch up over golfing at Half Moon Resort; or maybe we can go visit President Obama and we all have a drink – you decide.

Oh by the way Mr. PM, if you selling yuh house, mek mi know.

Kingsley Morgan

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