Tabloids take Bolt


It was inevitable that the tabloids would get to Usain Bolt at some point (again). It has happened pretty quickly this time. A Brazilian student is claiming she shared a night with the Olympic medalist. Bolt has a girlfriend of two years. The picture doesn’t even look like him, however. Perhaps it is someone trying to cash in on his fame.

3 thoughts on “Tabloids take Bolt

  1. Yes, once you are a superstar and up there on a pedestal you can expect this kind of thing. But he needs to be careful and protect his image. Screen grabs from a video of him with girls in a nightclub did not appear to be photoshopped and were more problematic to me. I think it looks like him (he has short hair now) but I think it’s photoshopped anyway – but not an expert! Problem is it has been posted in numerous websites (several UK newspapers, BET etc). Whether photoshopped or not (and this girl undoubtedly made money from this) Bolt must make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. The media followed him to London and off to another nightclub with lots of girls, as soon as he arrived… He doesn’t need that kind of publicity.

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