Vigil for Demario Whyte

There is a cycle to the news. Horrible headlines grab attention, people express outrage and regret and ask what can be done…And then everyone moves on. Like, what happened to the families of the babies who died at the UWI? What happened to the three-year-old girl stolen from her bed and murdered? What of the thousands of people still suffering from the effects of ChikV? What areas of the island are without water, power, proper infrastructure? I wish I had the time, as a journalist, to do “follow-up” stories. It is a shame that the local media appears to have such a short attention span, or a least lacks an editor in charge of following up on such serious issues.

In this light, dancehall artist Mr. Vegas should be praised for his leadership in holding a vigil today downtown on Luke Lane for the two-year-old boy who was murdered last week. Demario Whyte was shot in the head by a man who drove up in a car seeking Whyte’s father, who ran away, trying to divert attention from his son. It didn’t work so a tiny, innocent human lost his life.

In holding this vigil, Mr. Vegas is showing leadership, he is not forgetting. It won’t do anything to bring justice for the family, and it might ease the hearts of the family and community just a little, but it is something.

“I want everyone to come on time, take candles and flowers, let’s send a strong message to killers; it’s time to let them know that the violence and crime must end,” (Mr. Vegas) said.

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