Crime in Jamaica: A visit to the Twilight Zone

As a foreigner, even though I have been here almost five years, I am loath to comment or theorize about the reasons for the country’s high crime rates. This post by fellow blogger explicates a lot of my own theories and suspicions. It is a good read. Check it out.

Jamaica: Political Economy

Jamaica has a parallel ‘universe’, where crime lives, & it’s a mental as much as physical space, born from our notions of exceptionalism. It’s a kind of Twilight Zone, whose borders seem to be expancing.

Former National Security Minister, Peter Bunting recently renewed his call for a high level summit,chaired by Prime Minister Andrew Holness, with support from the relevant ministries that will give support to the implementation of social intervention strategies. This was in response to a rapidly escalating level of murders in western Jamaica.

With the best will in the world, it’s the sort of thing politicians will suggest: they are people used to exercising power and influence and see that as a process that comes from above. Personally, I think that while such approaches might have worked at some stages in the past, it’s not clear that they have much hope now? Why?

The battle…

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