Prayers for Haiti

Matthew spared Jamaica. The tropical storm warning seems to have been discontinued and airports and schools will reopen. And the homeless seem to have returned to their “spots.” As Matthew descended on Jamaica, I became obsessed with what the homeless men (and they are mostly men) would do in the storm. Especially the mentally ill ones. Would someone go and persuade them to go to a shelter? Would there be enough room? What would happen to their belongings? There are several guys who live on or near my street. I wonder where they went. In any case, it seems Barbara Ellington of the Gleaner had the same questions, or at least an editor did. So big up to the Gleaner for this story.  It is a (relatively) solid piece of journalism.

And now prayers for Haiti. Check out this excellent Propublica investigative report (it is over a year old but still worth your time) about how the Red Cross raised half-a-billion dollars for Haiti yet built only SIX homes.

2 thoughts on “Prayers for Haiti

  1. I read that the homeless were removed to shelters, as far as possible. As for Haiti, I started a long discussion (or heated debate) on my Facebook page about whether Jamaicans really relate to Haiti and its plight at all, or just wring their hands when there’s a disaster! That said, Jamaica was extremely fortunate…

  2. Glad you are all safe and sound! will be visiting Oct 14-28 with Food for the Poor and just seeing friends. I forwarded the second article to a few people of influence in Kingston who might care.

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