Hurricane Matthew from policy perspective

This is an interesting article on how to approach major storms from a policy perspective. It seems many people were upset that the government and forecasters made too much of Hurricane Matthew. They were distraught mostly over the waiting- was the storm ever going to come? and the expense as they stocked up on non-perishables and candles and water. Several of my students have written articles about this, the preparations they and their communities made and the expense they incurred.

We now see that Barbados lost an estimated $22 million in GDP because of a government-mandated island-wide shut-down. I would not even want to see an estimate for Jamaica, as more then one days were a write-off due to shutting down schools or businesses, rain or simple anticipation. It is a tough position for authorities- do not warn people and risk catastrophe and death, or issue dire warnings and face the wrath of the community when nothing comes to pass. It seems to me that the latter is preferable if lives are at stake, and they can be when a potential Category 5 hurricane is facing you down. At least we do not have the breathless reporters being pummeled by wind and rain


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