No Christmas for Spanish Town

Two audio clips are circulating on WhatsApp, promising of a bloody Christmas in Spanish Town. Civilians are being warned in the clip to avoid the area, as gangsters from the Klansmen gang are vowing to create a “war” after one of their leaders, Andre, Black Man, Bryan, was killed.

From the Observer: The voice message said in part: “A now the war ago start enuh; you hear me tell you cause them hold on pon Black Man enuh… Spanish Town nah see no Christmas, so me jus a mek everybody know seh if dem can avoid the town, avoid the town at all cost, avoid the town at all cost.”

Police say they are aware of the audio clips, and are posting additional officers to the area. They say they do not know the identify of the speaker, Bob, who promises revenge in a rather casual manner (check out the clips below). Police also caution it could be a hoax, although 12 people have already been killed in relation to this gang “war”, including three children.

I think this story is missing something, as it refers to someone named Miller, who is apparently incarcerated in the U.S., which paved the way for “Black Man” to assume the leadership position.

Apparently the same thing is happening in Maxfield Road community, although the media is not reporting it. According to a source, several people were shot in the Kingston inner-city community over the weekend. Speculation says that it is related to the death of a gang leader in Los Angeles, California.

Clip 1

Clip 2

1 thought on “No Christmas for Spanish Town

  1. I heard something about this but no one seems to think it’s genuine. I’ve not heard anything about Maxfield Avenue. Rumors spread like wildfire, but often without substance!

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