“Where are the birth defects?”

This article from Global Post raises some questions. The expected birth defects related to Zika are not materializing. This, of course, is positive news. The defects seem to be confined to Brazil, and have not appeared in the same numbers in countries such as Colombia, where infection rates are high.

The story lists the number of infected people for most countries in the Caribbean and Latin America. Except Jamaica. Why not? Is Jamaica not tracking cases? Are doctors not reporting? Were they just not contacted for this story? I think these are important questions that must be answered. We have had almost no media coverage of Zika for awhile now here in Jamaica. People don’t seem concerned anymore. Perhaps “herd immunity” has taken over and infections have stopped. I have talked to many people who felt they had Zika, but were not tested, nor confirmed. But, going back to the previous questions, citizens should know for future epidemics: is the Ministry of Health simply not testing? Are doctors not reporting? Or is it just that the media lost interest?


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