Climate Walk 2016

This weekend we participated in the Climate Walk, which I assume is to raise awareness about climate change. It was a parade of several hundred people that wound its way from Emancipation Park to Halfway Tree back to the Park. We left at about four p.m., sandwiched between marching bands and an electric car from JPS. It was a festive atmosphere, with people of all ages holding signs, dancing and singing. It was curious, however, why the organizers decided to have cars accompany us, blaring sounds and exhaust. In addition, they distributed plastic water bottles, which many people promptly discarded. It was a long walk, it seemed, as we had to contend with road traffic and curious onlookers, especially in the madness of Halfway Tree, where amused vendors and pedestrians took pictures. It was also a long walk as my daughter became frightened of the noise and I had to carry her in my arms most of the way. We finished the walk in the Park, where dancers performed routines, people ate food and perused the booths and danced. All in all, an enjoyable afternoon.

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