Routine police check?

Yesterday my daughter and I, along with our neighbor’s son, headed out to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. The transaction was fine and we headed home. On our way back, we rounded a corner and came upon three policemen on the left side of the road. On the right-hand side was another officer talking to someone in a white car that was pulled over.

Like most people’s immediate reaction, I thought “Oh no!” and scanned to see if I was doing anything illegal. Of course I wasn’t, and all seat belts were on. But one of them held up their hand to pull me aside. This is nothing new, I’ve been in the car with my husband when he’s pulled over to do a “routine check”. They have even searched the car. I was a little bit nervous, as I had the baby and another child in the car, but we were on a well-traveled route.

I stopped the car and mistakenly put down the window beside my daughter’s seat, then rolled down mine. “Good afternoon,” I said. The first officer of the three smiled and put his notepad beside his mouth, so as to shield what he was saying from his colleagues. “I was hoping I could come and sit in the front seat with you, but I see you have your baby there.” I smiled and said “I don’t think my husband would like that very much.”

The three officers laughed and asked if everything was ok. “Yes, everything is fine,” I said. Then the same officer asked for a ride around the block. At this point, I really didn’t know what to say. It was clear they had no interest in anything law-related. “Have a good day,” they said.

These routine checks are indeed routine, but I fail to see what purpose they serve.



4 thoughts on “Routine police check?

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  2. There r a handful of J’can officers who do foolishness like this.. doing what they consider humorous to young attractive women travelling alone. Unfortunately there’s no way to tell who’s who so u have to initially acknowledge them all. I feel you 😒

  3. Did you report this Kate? Even if you didn’t get badge numbers or their license plate number; just the fact. Fishing and abusing their authority! How disrespectful. And, with children present. Truly unexceptable behaviour!

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