Motorcycle danger

Yesterday as I was driving home from dropping my daughter at pre-school, I noticed a commotion on the other side of the road. Then I saw a young woman in a bright turquoise shirt lying on the ground, and a motorcycle splayed beside her. A young man, presumably the motorcyclist then picked her up and moved her to the side of the road. A crowd was gathering, people praying to Jesus and yelling. She wasn’t moving. I didn’t want to block the road so I kept going. I hope she is ok.

Then as I was driving home from picking my daughter up, I saw another crowd around a motorcyclist, who was hopping around on an injured leg.

These motorcyclists, and all motorists actually, drive way too fast here. They do not respect the rules of the road, let alone respect pedestrians. (Although many people are courteous in stopping to let people cross the road).

And it seems that 2017, nine motorcyclists have died so far, according to the Road Safety Unit, compared to 26 for the entire 2016. That is too many obviously. Overall, there were 377 fatalities in 320 accidents.


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