In some areas of urban Kingston, one must plug one’s nose when walking through public spaces like HalfWay Tree or Parade in downtown, otherwise one is an assaulted by odor. I never got used to it on my walk to the HalfWay Tree coaster every morning when I was working on Camp Road. The odor is urine, to be specific. You can also be treated to watching men in the act, anywhere, anytime in Kingston. Public peeing is the norm here, unfortunately, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of Jamaican dollars per month, according to the Jamaica Gleaner.

In addition to public education campaigns, and perhaps more funding for public restrooms, could this be a solution? In France, where ‘le pipi sauvage’ is also apparently a problem, men can now use a public urinal for free. The Uritrottoir directs the urine to a small garden in a box, which over time will be used for composting. They are painted bright red and cost about 3,000 Euros each. This seems a bit steep for Jamaica’s coffers, however. I guess for now we must remain accustomed to the sights and smells of public urination.

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