Chronixx + Adidas

This is an interesting collaboration. Chronixx, a promising reggae artist who is about as close to classic reggae as you can get now, is working with Adidas on a new clothing and shoe line. He is also a self-proclaimed Rastafarian, a faith that espouses the connection with the Earth and nature and eschews capitalism.

He explains it this way: ““A lot of people buy old stuff, but I don’t like it. I am very sensitive to vibroturgy and certain vibrations that get trapped in materials, so I can’t wear something pre-owned,” he says. “You want to look classic, but in your own energy in a new thing. I like when Adidas brings new technology to the classic fit, like in the tracksuit. It’s the same cut as in the past, but it’s breathable. You don’t feel old.”

Check out the story in Vogue here.

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