Tambourine Army co-founder arrested by police

UPDATE: According to Tambourine Army co-founder, Latoya Nugent is in jail. She will appear for a bail hearing at 10:00am. She has apparently been denied medical attention.

Latoya Nugent, co-founder of the Tambourine Army, has apparently been arrested by police, or is about to be arrested.

There is an arrest warrant for her for possible cyber crimes. Nugent was aware of this, and made several postings on social media about it.

Here is a recent one:

As was suspected, Canute Thompson is the complainant in this case that is ‘developing’ against me.

Recall that Canute Thompson was the (former) Moravian minister who was ‘outspoken’ against the administration of the Moravian Church in Jamaica for not doing enough to address the issue of sexual violence as perpetrated my ministers within that church.

Recall that after his grandstanding I received information that he too was a perpetrator of sexual violence and his name was added to my #SayTheirNames list. 

Recall that he/his lawyer(s) threatened a lawsuit if I did not remove his name and apologise.

Recall that I told him and his lawyer(s), in summary, to fuck off.

He has now decided that the best way to intimidate and silence me is to use his friends in the Ministry of National Security, the Jamaica Constabulary Force, and the one and only Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey.

He has been emailing people who publicly support me and my work to be mindful of their association with me. Apparently de people dem naa listen, soh him a try use the Novelette Grant police force and the Andrew Holness government.

But it look like de police dem av a likkle heart (?) because I understand that Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey sign de warrant for my arrest from February 28th. I also understand that the police were watching me at the Tambourine Army march last Saturday and could have arrested me, but didn’t arrest me because, according to them I was doing a good thing. And dem asking me to just come een.

Me av a question though, me not still doing a good thing?😂😂


Here is another story from Loop Jamaica:

LGBT activist Latoya Nugent has been listed as a person of interest in relation to a possible cyber crime and is wanted for questioning.

Nugent, who is the executive director at WE-Change and co-founder of the Tambourine Army, is being investigated for allegedly using a computer maliciously.

Police said a call was made for Nugent to turn herself over to the authorities from Monday but she still has not complied. Nugent has even been mocking the police in a series of Facebook posts since the call was made.

“Me feel disappointed dat fi a Counter Terrorism unit, de police cyah find me all now. Me not even hiding. Look how many people know which part me deh. Me Facebook location also on. Ah wah really a gwaan, lol!” she wrote on Monday evening.

Nugent later added: “Six police officers (plus) assault rifles for the feminist lesbian with a computer. The state is coming for me.”

Head of the Constabulary’s Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Branch (CTOC), Clifford Chambers told Loop News that it is in the best interest of Nugent to come forward to speak to the police.

Nugent is accused of making unsubstantiated claims about individuals on social media.

“Investigators have verified that information was put on Facebook about persons and the content of the information, if unfounded, would constitute an offence,” said Chambers.

Another twist to the story is the recent flare up between different activist camps on the right way to campaign. Check out this lovely post on the kerfuffle here, from acclaimed writer Kei Miller.


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