NIA/USAID Community Journalism Training


What an eventful weekend. Global Reporters for the Caribbean had three days of community journalism training, in partnership with the National Integrity Action and USAID’s COMET II program. 

We had 17 sessions, 11 presenters and over 30 trainees from across the island. The presenters included Nationwide News’ Dennis Brooks and Kalilah Reynolds, TVJ’s Yvonne Chin, communications consultation Indi Mclymont, climate change expert Holly-Rose McFarlane, police officers from MOCA, myself and Zahra Burton. Even for an experienced journalist, there was a lot to learn.

And in the middle of day one of the training, Nationwide News contacted me to request that I come on Cliff Hughes talk show with host Mark Wignall to discuss my article on lotto scamming. I have not done much radio, let alone a 15 minute interview. It is always strange being on the other side, but I think it went alright. I wanted to have a chance to refer to pieced by local journalists on the subject that were much more comprehensive than mine, like CVM’s, and of course 18 Degrees North, but did not have a chance. Anyway, thank you Mr. Wignall for the opportunity.

Now, it is time for 10 groups to produce a publishable journalistic piece derived from story ideas we have worked out together. The focus is on accountability and of course, integrity and impact.

3 thoughts on “NIA/USAID Community Journalism Training

  1. Wow. That is fantastic. I am a big fan of NIA’s work (and a member!) Sounds like you covered a bunch of topics. Will we be able to read the groups’ pieces – will they be published somewhere?

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