Charges against Latoya Nugent dropped

Latoya Nugent of the Tambourine Army has been relieved of the charges against her, as I wrote about for the Guardian here.

She pled not guilty to the three charges and the Deputy Public Prosecutor dismissed the charges due to a lack of evidence. Here is Latoya’s social media post on the matter:

I was officially charged in court today for 3 counts of using a computer for malicious communication. Yes. TODAY😂😂😂
The 3 counts:
Against Paul Thompson
Against Canute Thompson
Against Livingstone Thompson

I was asked to enter a plea on each count. I pleaded not guilty on all 3 counts.

Yanique Brown Gardner from the DPP then made a no evidence submission to the judge and asked for a discontinance.

Case dismissed.

As a #RetiredLesbian this feels like a gift on this International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

DPP Paula Llewelyn was also in court and outlined a bag a tings about why they were discontinuing. I suspect she wasn’t pleased, but I could be wrong.

[side note] My favourite part of the DPP’s long speech was when she referenced my ‘expletives-laden’ email to Canute’s lawyer. She noted that while my response may have been disrespectful to say the judge’s mother or her own mother, it was not obscene.😂😂😂

In all the comments in court today from the DPP, the judge, and Canute’s lawyer, I was reminded of how unkind Jamaica is to women and girls, and that as a people we first disbelieve victims and survivors of sexual violence. I was reminded of why the #TambourineArmy is so radical because we believe and stand with survivors.

Survivors, don’t you ever forget that #StellaStandsWithYou and the #TambourineArmy will always be #StandingWithSurvivors.

I will not be silenced.
You will not be silenced.
We will not be silenced.

Here’s to the #UnsilencingOfWomen


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