Call centre no more?

We drive by this so often on our way out to the country in St. Thomas. I asked my husband the first time I saw it what it was, and he said it is the former Goodyear tire factory. Apparently it used to employ over 200 people until it shut down in 1997 when a particular line of tires was discontinued.  It used to supply tires to many Caricom nations.

It is now abandoned.

A little bit of research shows there were plans for it- to be specific, a call centre. But either that did not materialize or it did not last long. Then it was going to be a “film lot,” but I don’t see any evidence of that.


2 thoughts on “Call centre no more?

  1. Oh yes, Kate. There have been many plans for the old Goodyear factory, over the years. I am a bit cynical, I’m afraid. Goodyear was one of the many overseas companies that left Jamaica during the 1990s, but of course this affected St. Thomas badly, since there are really no large employers to speak of… Ah well. We shall see!

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