President Trump’s view on development?

As I spoke about yesterday, I am currently in the midst of a project funded by USAID. And there are many other examples of USAID’s presence, in Kingston, around the island and in tiny towns in remote locations. I’ve been wondering how President Trump’s view on international aid and development would manifest in places like Jamaica. Will he cancel funding altogether? What about the Peace Corps?

This New York Times article sheds some light on the issue, and it is not promising. We don’t have any indication from the President in terms of policy or direction. Speculation is all there is right now.


1 thought on “President Trump’s view on development?

  1. This thought keeps going through my mind, too. Some excellent long term programs are funded by USAID – NIA, Comet II etc. He’s a bit distracted by emails and meetings with Russians at the moment – but he may get round to it eventually if he’s not impeached first!!

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