Security concerns and response

I went to visit the security department yesterday to report my car being broken into last week. The initial security response was unsatisfactory. The woman I met with yesterday showed me the report they took, and told me there’s not much they can do. She also explained the reasons behind a lack of proper lighting. And she said it can often be the security guards themselves who are the culprits.

She suggested I write a note to the University’s president, Prof. Stephen Vasciannie, which I did. I was not expecting a response.

Within 11 minutes, he had responded. Here is the response, in full:

I am very sorry to learn that you have lost property to thieves on our campus.  I am also sorry to learn that the matter has not been handled in a manner that gives you any confidence.

I share the concerns you mention in your letter, and in particular, the question of lighting on the campus.  I have sought to have this addressed on previous occasions, but have so far encountered bureaucratic inertia.  I will redouble my efforts.

I will convey your concerns to the relevant members of the University, including especially persons directly responsible for safety, security and the state of the plant.  These concerns will be given urgent treatment.

Again, I am sorry about your loss, and very much hope that we can take measures to enhance your sense of security on campus.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Vasciannie

I appreciate the quick response and hope it yields some action. I have spent a lot of time on many different university campuses, and believe that they are and should be a place of striving and a certain sense of innocence. Of course, this is difficult to maintain with so many people coming and going, but at least an effort to protect the community should be made.

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