Aid phased out to JA?

It seems Jamaica’s foreign assistance from the United States, via USAID, may be coming to an end.

I have suspected that this would happen under the Trump administration, one that is inward-looking and protectionist. A 33 per cent cut worldwide may be coming down. This is not good news for Jamaica. Having witnessed first-hand the effect that USAID projects and its people can have on the nation, this would be a very unfortunate outcome.

On the flip side, proponents of phasing out aid and tied aid and any form of assistance might argue that it will allow the country to become more self-sufficient. Both arguments are well worth exploring, in theory, and in the proper timeline.


3 thoughts on “Aid phased out to JA?

    • Not yet. I should…will keep you posted although I suspect diplomacy will trump honesty. Also anyone working with US government seems to be in the dark as it relates to any illumination on Trump’s “policies” and plans

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