BBC interview with Minister Bartlett

The BBC did an interview with Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett this weekend. Minister Bartlett is defending the nation’s tourism industry, citing a retention rate of 42 per cent. He is denying that tourists are in danger. This is probably true, as most tourists leave Jamaica unscathed.

However, I find the logic of this sales pitch difficult to accept. Minister Bartlett is saying, in essence, that it is ok that Jamaicans are killing each other at a rate of over 1,300 per year, as long as they don’t bother the tourists. Of course, those are not his exact words, but that is the message track he gave to the BBC interviewer. Quite a depressing sales pitch: as long as the locals are only killing each other, it’s ok, tourism can carry on.

3 thoughts on “BBC interview with Minister Bartlett

  1. Reblogged this on Petchary's Blog and commented:
    My friend Kate shared this on her blog today. I share her discomfort with this narrative. It has always bothered me. Minister Bartlett, we need a new story to tell – especially for Montego Bay. My poor Jamaica!

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