Help Walker’s Place of Safety


What a fate for these two young girls. Imagine you do not live with your parents – they don’t want you. Can’t care for you. They left the country. Or passed away. So you are shipped to a “place of safety.” You are scared. Alone. Feeling abandoned. And then to perish in a literal hell. Just imagine. If you can. The heat. The pain. The fear. And no one comes to save you.

Walker’s Place of Safety was destroyed in a fire on Tuesday. A 12-year-old and a 16-year-old died. Thirty-four other children are in need of basic supplies. Please help if you can.

How can this happen after the Armadale fire?

2 thoughts on “Help Walker’s Place of Safety

  1. After the fire/ assault at Armadale May 22, 2009 there has been fire at Wortley Home for Girls June 29, 2015; Clifton Boys Home Jan 15, 2017 and now Walker’s Place of (so-called) Safety Jan 15 2018.
    What caused each of these fires? What are we learning from each individual tragic incident? How are we getting better at protecting these kids? So many questions…

  2. The circumstances are rather different from the Armadale fire though, in that the home was in compliance with fire regulations etc. It was an old wooden building. But they have not discovered the cause yet though… which means arson cannot be ruled out?

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