Yesterday, the Minister of National Security addressed Parliament on several issues. This included matters relating to security, of course, but also to corruption and apparently, a problem with Devil worship. Here are his comments:


Mr Speaker, over the last couple of months, we have discovered a most disturbing trend of which you must be aware. We have been discovering “ALTARS” to facilitate devil worship in many places where raids have been conducted by the security forces. This is a most dangerous trend and the clergy is also disturbed by it.

Sir, the savagery, the brutality and horrific nature of some crimes point to sacrifices to these evil forces. Sir, almost a year ago I made a flippant comment suggesting that my uncle was an obeah man. It was meant to be a joke, but many persons were not amused. They were offended and rightly so. I want to apologize for the remark and the offensiveness it has caused and to give the assurance and publicly state that I am not into devil or evil worship in no way shape or form!

I worship one God! The one and only true God that reigns, forgives and sustains! I am not into devil worship. Some people are playing with things they know nothing about and open gates they cannot close. Sir, the trend is disturbing and must be stopped.



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