Customer Service

I generally do not like to complain about bad customer service because:

  • First world problems
  • You never know what is going on with someone, they could be having a bad day
  • I worked both in retail and as a server in a restaurant, and it is hard work
  • And I think that we should regard one another as fellow citizens, not within a vendor/consumer relationship, in which consumer is superior

But sometimes you have an interaction that just leaves you feeling worse. This happened awhile ago, as I went to buy a new blush. My husband and I first went to the Mac store, where we were greeted. I then asked about the blushes and the salesperson showed them to me. And then proceeded to leave to talk to her colleague. I didn’t know which color to choose and how to try them on. We stood there for a few minutes until I finally just decided to leave. And the salespeople seemed not to mind. Perhaps ti was because it was the end of their shift- I get that.

Then we went into Monarch Pharmacy, where I found a blush. I took it to the counter, where there seemed to be some confusion over the price. It was coming up more than double the price tag. Three employees then gathered around to try to fix it, and we were promptly told: “We can’t sell this.” I have never heard that in my life. Apparently they could not override the system to change the price and the person who does data entry had left.

My husband asked if there was a manager or supervisor. “No,” they said. “We can’t sell you this. Can you come back tomorrow?” I asked if they could just write it down and they said no. So we could not purchase the blush in the end.

A frustrating experience all around.

5 thoughts on “Customer Service

  1. I can only imagine your frustration. Yes, customer service in Jamaica needs a serious overhaul. As a public servant I can sympathize – being nice all the time is HARD. But you can’t always blame a bad day or tiredness. Sometimes the insensitivity is too real.

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