Heading home

As I was leaving Utech yesterday, I spotted a cow walking alone on the sidewalk. Then three more followed behind. They were gingerly navigating the cracks and crevices and also stopping to snack. Some people stared but most just kept going. I looked for someone who might be herding them and saw a small man in a purple tank top. I hope that was him. It is a very busy road. I hope they got home safely. FB8993BC-80EB-406A-8556-E09EACB2AFD5.jpeg

3 thoughts on “Heading home

  1. I hope they got home safe too! We used to have cows and goats on our street when we first moved in, but there was much less traffic then. No one nearby keeps them now… (we also had three guinea fowl who used to pop into our yard from time to time!)

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