Access to service denied

This is some important work Susan Goffe has done about accessing government services or even just buildings while wearing clothes deemed inappropriate. It may seem trivial. But it was not trivial to me when I was nearly denied entry to the hospital with my days-old daughter when she was critically ill. I was wearing a nursing tank top and the guards did not want to let me in. Luckily I had a shirt on hand but I hate to think what would have happened had I not. There is no law or written convention for most departments. It is arbitrary and discriminatory.

2 thoughts on “Access to service denied

  1. I’m so torn here. On one hand I think we should be free to dress comfortably (in this climate we need sleeveless options) but on the other hand I can see people getting the inch and taking a mile.

    Maybe the issue is not so much the “rule” of appropriate attire but how it is enforced. Many of the personnel who turn people away can be excessively dogmatic in their interpretation and enforcement of rules, unwritten or otherwise.

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