UWI horses


Three horses live On the campus of the University of the West Indies. My daughter and I went to look for them the other day after I told her about them and she would not stop talking about them. We started walking around in search of them when a man who introduced himself as Basil who looks after the white rats the students do experiments on offered to take us. We walked through some grass and by some maintenance buildings and then came upon the first horse. We found two more then thanked Basil and went on our way.

1 thought on “UWI horses

  1. In the 80s, my friend and I would go horseback riding at UWI on Saturdays. In those days, a kindly gentleman, Mr. Lee, took care of the horses – there were many more than three. A couple were retired race horses that needed strong hands for their reins. We stayed far from those…lol! Thanks for sharing and bringing back wonderful memories!

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