“A sexual affair”


I posted about this yesterday on Twitter because it is upsetting. A father allegedly raped his 13-year-old daughter for who knows how many years. The police came to investigate and the man allegedly took his son hostage. The media continues to refer to rape and incest with terms such as “sexual affair”, and simply “sex with”. This is horrifyingly inaccurate and harmful. It is rape and/or incest. I’m not sure why the journalists continue to do this as they have had some education sessions. The majority of people also know that minors- under 16 years here- cannot consent to sex, let alone a girl with her own father. Perhaps it’s a case of a reporter who missed the session and it slipped by the editor, but it seems to happen more than that explanation would suffice. I guess it is cultural and perhaps a lack of style guide in the newsroom. In any case, it must stop, as it perpetuates some very corrosive lines of thinking.

1 thought on ““A sexual affair”

  1. A deeply distressing story, and horrible reporting. I think it is not just carelessness. There is some kind of mindset that seems to think it’s OK and “nutten.”

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