Toy maker

Some of these stories punch you right in the gut. This young man makes toys and sells them downtown for $150 and $300. He wants to own his own business, but first, is saving up for a phone.

This reminds me of a photographer I profiled many years ago. He also compulsively created animal figures from styrofoam egg cartons. He told me about the creations, and one day I visited his studio. I was speechless. There were dozens and dozens, perhaps hundreds, of these tiny creations, pale blue and green, perched all over his studio. On the floors, tables, shelves. It was overwhelming, endearing and so intimate, to see the product of someone’s compulsive mind.

1 thought on “Toy maker

  1. Oh, my goodness. These stories really do have such an emotional factor but I think also because we feel a little helpless. It’s very important to tell these stories, though.

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