Moral authority?

This is very interesting, can I say? The U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica is lecturing Jamaica about its relationship with China. Hmmmm…will the U.S. ever be in a position to act as moral authority on dependence, neocolonialism, colonialism? Or maybe the Trump administration has scrubbed recent history from their memories…I doubt anyone will take this at face value. I hope not.

Here is Ambassador Tapia:

“When they (China) go into a country, they go after two things – the minerals and the ports. I could tell you horror stories of countries where they have taken over the ports because those countries could not pay for their investment; China usually has a great propaganda story as to why it has happened,” Tapia told The Gleaner.

“When America invests in the energy and education sectors, we are building a long-lasting effect and will contribute to stability and help to stem the brain drain. Those who talk about free speech, free enterprise and human rights are forgetting that those three things go together with Jamaicans, who are freedom-loving people, and one day, the chickens will come home to roost. So, take all you can from them, but remember that the West is standing there with you.”

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