I’m posting today about an event hosted by 18 Degrees North. This weekend, a movie about privacy rights will be screened here in Kingston. From their Facebook page:

From 18 Degrees North’s numerous posts on #NIDS, the MOU information-sharing agreements and Israel’s cyber security programme in Jamaica, it appears thousands of you care deeply about privacy rights.
Between Facebook and Twitter, our last post on #NIDS reached more than 20 thousand people. Three thousand of you either clicked, liked, shared or commented on our post.
It’s against this backdrop that we have decided later this week to screen the Oscar-winning documentary, “Citizenfour”, about the mass surveillance by the U.S. of its citizens and those of foreign countries post 9/11. Based on the revelations in this film, most made by NSA insider, Edward Snowden, the U.S. Congress made changes to protect the constitutional rights of Americans when it comes to surveillance.
After the screening, we will speak about some of those changes with a privacy rights expert, which could influence the changes Jamaicans are likely to demand of our government at a time when NIDS, Data Protection and MOU information-sharing agreements with our foreign partners are front and center.
The screening will take place this Saturday, December 14th at 10am at the JAMPRO Training Room in Kingston. The cost is discounted at $10USD online. Full price is JMD$1500 at the venue. The fee will cover the cost of licensing the film, the venue rental etc.
Only 100 tickets are available.
Please see this link for the movie trailer and to buy your tickets online.
Any questions, you can also email us at globalreporterscaribbean@gmail.com

Go and support if you can, this is an extremely timely and important topic.

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