#tanahyuhyaad ie STAY HOME

The government is using patois to communicate to Jamaicans to stay home. Some think it is effective, some don’t. I’m not going out, but from what my husband says when he goes out for necessities and to work, while it is not business as usual, people are still not taking the possible transmission of the virus as seriously as they should. Although, the social media campaign is working for some poeple- I got an email signed off with #tanahyuhyaad…

1 thought on “#tanahyuhyaad ie STAY HOME

  1. I’ve been out in our neighbourhood and as far as Heroes Circle for gas. Roads are quiet; business that need to operate do so; supermarkets are relatively busy; food places have lines of people waiting for take out and #socialdistancing applied. We are not under curfew. Gas station applied different sanitary measures from last week (gloves); no gloves but germicidal soap; I applied chip card into/out of machine myself. I think most understand. Our garden is applying safe distances.

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