5 thoughts on “Quake!

  1. Oh yes I felt it – about 12.30 am. I was still at work on my laptop, and I got a really stomach-churning shaking – I was expecting it to go on longer, but thankfully it stopped. i didn’t see the strength before – 3.4 certainly sounds about right. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the two previous ‘big ones’ in 1692 and 1907; I’ve no desire to experience the next!

      • If you are interested in talking about Jamaica to a fellow ‘professional curious person and (would-be) communicator’ who has lived through over fifty years of Jamaican history, and researched much more of it, especially between 1865 and 1944, and taught it also for about half a century, please send me an email at the email address given here. Hope to be in touch.

  2. I must have slept through it too. There was another one a couple weeks ago which I DID feel… The couch on which I was lounging shook… You have a good weekend too, Kate!

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