International Coastal Cleanup Day

Today was International Coastal Cleanup Day. Along with 40 youth from the community of Rockfort (where YOU is currently working), some volunteers and I ventured down to the Palisadoes area, near the airport. (Read more about the ICC Day here.)

We arrived about 9 am, were outfitted with gloves, hand sanitizer, trash bags (one for plastic, one for other trash), bananas and a form to document each and every article of garbage. We set out with a group of about 15 people from Rockfort.

Despite the proximity to the airport, the Palisadoes and Fort Rocky Beach is a placid area. The ocean was calm, flat and a grey-blue colour today, blending into the horizon. Luckily, we had some cloud cover, but i was still hot!

We picked up a few bags worth of trash, everything from plastic bottles, random pieces of plastic (seriously, so much plastic in all forms), shoes, toothpaste and toothbrushes.

After we deposited the trash at the designated area, we headed back to the buses. Congratulations to the people of Rockfort and everyone who turned out to nurture our delicate and beautiful coastlines.

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