Chik V update

Ebola has taken a little of the focus away from Chikungunya, but people are still talking about it. Check out this column in the Gleaner yesterday from the wonderful Dr. Carolyn Cooper and this Youtube video. In addition, last week, a nightly talk show spent the entire hour discussing the virus, which is continuing to strike down much of JA’s population. The tone of the discussion is changing now, from bewilderment to suspicion. Conspiracy theories are abounding, mostly with people speculating that the government did not do enough to inform or prevent. I will remain silent on that issue, as my journalist brain tends towards conspiracy theories. All I know is that my joints still pain me in the morning, I am still suffering from fatigue and I have lost some flexibility. I must say I am grateful, however, to be getting back to normal. Hope you are having a good Monday.

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