Shot eight times

Yesterday I caught up with some of the guys who had been living in Shoemaker’s Gully, before the police kicked them out. Of course, they now have nowhere to go, so they are moving from “yard” to “yard” until someone calls the police or threatens them. Right now, they are staying near a tourist landmark in Kingston. It is not a home, there is no roof over their heads.

They were flooded out last night, everything they now own is soaked. Some of them have HIV/AIDS so their immune systems are weak, so being wet is all the more dangerous. One of them was limping yesterday. They were on the way to a clinic because he had been shot EIGHT times by some boys passing by bikes. Shot with a gun EIGHT times, for no reason, other than just the typical harassment these young men get every day. (Of course, this is just one side of the story). All the bullets had been removed, but there were large open sores on his legs.

Hopefully, someone will treat him, although I imagine they do not have money to pay for the service. These guys also hadn’t eaten anything substantial in several days (they said) and one of them had no shoes.

What can be done? I ask this question every day. Many people are working hard to find solutions. They can’t come soon enough.

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