Possibility Program in “limbo”

One of Jamaica’s few programs that helps boys get off the streets is in peril after being told it must move out of its current location. The Possibility Program is in “limbo”, says Leroy Campbell, who has run the program since 2001.

That’s because Heart Trust (which partners with Possibility and provides funding) has deemed the building in which Possibility operates as unfit. Indeed, the building is an older structure, located in the HalfWay Tree area. It is noisy due to the constant traffic, and requires some repairs. However, while Campbell says they are searching for a new location, there have yet to be any prospects.

“Heart Trust doesn’t think this facility is conducive to learning. We need a proper layout and the noise is distracting,” Campbell says. They must move by the end of October or Heart will cease to be a partner. They must also up their attendance to 20 boys. Fifteen are attending now. (I have written about the program here and here and here, check it out to learn more.)

“We are very concerned about this, as it is an excellent program.” Indeed, it has saved lives. It has helped otherwise unemployable men gain work experience and full-time jobs. It has kept them off the streets, educated them and loved them. “We really deal with a lot of the issues that unattached youth have,” says Campbell. “They maybe would return to a life of crime” without Possibility, he ventures. “We offer a lot of hope. But we are in limbo, wondering what is going to happen to us.”

Campbell can be reached at 434-6709 if you know of any means of helping out.

4 thoughts on “Possibility Program in “limbo”

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  2. And yet, as I understand it, there is so much empty space owned by the government all over Kingston. One thought is that if the current building is not conducive to learning, that could be a reason for not being able to reach HEART’s threshold enrolment of 20 young men. There must be a solution.

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    As I have observed before, many non-governmental organizations are almost on their “last legs” and struggling from a lack of funds and general support. The Possibility Program, founded in 2001 is a multi-agency partnership offering hope and opportunity to vulnerable boys on the street, and is one of those organizations doing vital work that is crying out for assistance. If you know of anyone who can assist in finding them a new home, please contact them as soon as possible.

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