Water restrictions

Image courtesy of NWC

Last week, we had one day of substantial rain, but the drought continues. For most of the summer, my neighborhood has been fortunate enough to escape the water rationing, but I guess it is catching up with us now. We have had two three-day periods of no water. Today, we are starting on the third day. It is not a pleasant situation, to be sure, but it could be alleviated somewhat if we could plan.

Alas, there are no regular updates anywhere, from any government agency. The National Water Commission fails to provide any information, save for a general press release here and there. How easy it would be to update customers on social media or the radio, or even the newspaper. But, we receive nothing. (I should note that the NWC issued a press release on Sept. 3 stating that there is a “break” in a line coming from Yallahs that will affect most of Kingston’s supply. What does that mean? When will it be fixed? Why do some regions have water and others don’t? As usual, a government press release that creates more questions than answers.)

Over the weekend, there were inserts in the newspaper from the Ministry of Health about how to maintain safety with no running water. Wash your hands, use bleach, etc. But if you don’t have water, how do you do this? Why is the Ministry spending money to advertise this? Why is there no budget for informing people about when their neighborhood will face restrictions?

And now it appears an underground economy has sprung up, with people buying trucks for a nominal amount, rebranding them and then selling water. This is not safe, of course, because there is no policy or directive from the Ministry of Health. It seems they are drafting one now, however.

In any case, it is the most maddening thing to not know when the water will flow again. If there was some kind of schedule, it would allow one to plan, to know when to stock up on water and to do some domestic duties.

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