Half Masted


The U.S. Embassy in Kingston flew the stars and stripes half mast yesterday, with the addition of the rainbow flag, which is of course symbolic of the LGBTQ community. They flew them in an expression of grief and solidarity with the victims of the shootings in Orlando. We are all victims.

But Jamaica’s Attorney General, Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte, was not in support of this expression. Despite the fact that the Embassy is on U.S. territory and therefore sovereign. It also seems in poor taste and with poor timing. What was the point? It is now a time to mourn, not to politicize or moralize.

2 thoughts on “Half Masted

  1. Malahoo Forte had an opportunity to contribute to a paradigm shift in the support of the LBJTQ movement on acceptance and open the doors to bring Jamacia into the21st century. Shame on her and the JLP for passing on this opportunity of change. Clean up and stand up Jamacia. These were someone’s sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, colleague, partner, and Jhihadis are going to play “God”!

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