“Disrespectful” flag

Following yesterday’s reaction to Senator Marlene Malahoo Forte’s disapproval of the U.S. Embassy flying the rainbow flag, some more reasoned reactions. This article from Loop Jamaica (a news service from Digicel) is very well written and seeks a solid range of commenters. I’m starting to be impressed with the quality of work from Loop Jamaica, which may eventually outpace the Gleaner in terms of hard news and the quality of writing.

Also check out this BBC article- the story is apparently starting to have international reverberations, which can’t be good for Jamaica’s slightly ill-fitting reputation as the most homophobic place on earth.

And here is Malahoo Forte’s about-face- perhaps some PR people got ahold of her?

“The second part of my tweet has been misconstrued. The horrible act of terror which resulted in so many deaths can never be condoned. I condemn it unreservedly and repeat my expression of deep sorrow and sympathy for the victims and their families,” she said, adding that “the incident provides another opportunity for deep reflection and introspection”.

“Among the multiple issues are gun control, radicalisation, treatment of differences – be they religious, sexual orientation or otherwise. These are tough issues to handle.

“Here in Jamaica we have so much work ahead of us to reorder our society. We need everyone on board. Personally, I respect and celebrate our differences as people and see them as reflective of our humanity. Professionally, I’m sworn to uphold and defend the constitution and laws of Jamaica. In both spheres I remain a sincere advocate for fair and proper treatment of everyone. And I will never condone the use of violence to deal with our differences,” she said.

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