Media misread the election

These two articles, from the New York Times and the Washington Post, most accurately reflect what I think happened in terms of gauging Donald Trump’s win as President of the United States. They basically state that the media missed the mark, an assessment with which I agree. Covering politics, you work in a bubble, especially in D.C., and the Hill in Canada. I have worked in that bubble in Canada, and lived in it in the U.S., in D.C. These reporters, pundits, consultants, government workers are out of touch. The majority of them never go deep into rural Kentucky, or New York, or Florida, or South Carolina or Nevada. They don’t know how people there think. They don’t know that a lot of them were feeling disenfranchised after eight years of a black president and a potential female president. They don’t know that Donald Trump spoke for them and they don’t know that Mr. Trump prompted many of them to vote, probably for the first time. I think voter turnout will be relatively high (early results show it is up), especially amongst first-time voters. It is a bleak day.

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