4 thoughts on “House Hunters in JA

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    It’s not very often that I reblog posts. The last post I reblogged was in May and that’s because it was a guest post I’d written for a travel blog I admire, Justraveling.com. Anyway, I’m sharing this because who doesn’t love HGTV’s HouseHunters and even better it featured my island home Jamaica! HGTV has featured Jamaica in the past but not recently (then again I don’t have cable anymore nor do I have time for TV shows so what do I know). This episode spoke to me because I can’t wait to buy a house here in Kingston too! I’ve lived in rentals all my life and still do for a myriad of reasons. My mother loves to decorate and is an expert at making even the tiniest most rundown spaces look & feel homey so I can’t wait for her to immerse herself in the beautiful world of home ownership, renovation & decoration– a dream she has had to put off time and time again because of the expensive educational investment she’s making for my brother and I. Home ownership is still out of the reach for lots of hardworking Jamaicans due to cost but one day, hopefully sooner than later, I’ll get to see and more importantly help my mother realize that dream and I’m excited to be a part of the house hunting process. However, I’ve been itching to move out and decorate an apartment of my own because are you even an adult until you move out? 😒

    For the record, house #1 was my pick without a doubt. The Kingston 6 area is great but Kingston 10 is close enough. 🙃 So many things to think about when choosing a place to live & I have lots of learning about real estate to do. A view would be nice, as would a balcony for my indoor garden but hey, enough about me. Enjoy this episode of House Hunters International. 💕

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